**ALERT** I have just become aware of an access issue for the electronic version of The PDF Litigation Guide. Inexplicably, the cloud hosting platform lost all customer account data, which included the database I used to manage all customer information. Since that was my primary record keeping mechanism, I can't easily correct the problem! If you previously purchased the electronic version of the book and can no longer access it, please email me via the contact tab on this website so that I can correct it for you.

Congratulations! You made it to the new home of The PDF Litigation Guide! Since I already maintain this site, it seemed like I could just tuck everything about the book under its own tab here and call it a day.

So here's how it works - I preserved both the content of my former website as well as its downloadable PDF documents in the ZIP file accessible below. Thus, you can now download the previously available content and view it locally.

Here's how: (1) download the ZIP archive; (2) decompress the ZIP archive (I recommend 7zip); (3) to view the content of the original web page, double click any of the .htm files prefixed with 01-06, which are named according to and in the order of the tabs on the original site, and the page will open in your default browser. The PDFs can be opened directly.

NOTE: with a page displayed via an .htm file, you will NOT be able to navigate the site via the buttons on the left hand side of the screen. To view those pages, you'll need to open the correspondingly-named .htm back in the folder.

In order to purchase either the electronic version or the electronic and print version of The PDF Litigation Guide, please send me an email via the Contact page of THIS WEBSITE and indicate the version of the book you would like to purchase. I will then send you a request for payment via PayPal at the email address provided, under the company name PDF Litigation Solutions, LLC.

Otherwise, any questions can be directed to me via email via the contact page, and I will respond directly.