Over the past decade, I have written a number of jazz and commercial arrangements for a wide variety of ensembles. This has included everything from lifts and adaptations of recordings to custom arrangements featuring a particular vocalist, instrumentalist, or ensemble.

On the charts page, you can read my general descriptions of several charts, organized in vocal and instrumental categories, as well as check out some audio samples. In doing so, please note that some of these clips came from informal reading sessions with zero attention given to recording engineering. As in handing my girlfriend my recorder 30 seconds before downbeat, telling her which button to push, and hoping the levels weren't clipping... One example even came from the mono, 8-bit audio from my digital camera. My point in saying this is that I've only posted them to provide a basic idea of the style of the charts and the type of lines I write. Fortunately, other tracks feature pristine digital studio recordings with professional engineering.

Please contact me if you have additional questions, including the creation of original, custom, vocal and instrumental arrangements.