For the perpetually curious, if not equipment-obsessed trumpet player, I use the following:


Yamaha model 8335LA Wayne Bergeron trumpet in lacquer

Kanstul model 1525 flugelhorn in lacquer

My backup B-flat is a Kanstul-made, silver plated (well, hopelessly tarnished, really), French Besson 92BA (a/k/a 160BA) a/k/a Marvin Stamm model, .462 bore, with "A" bell, standard valve caps and square tuning slide


Custom made Warburton top of my design with V-shaped cup, wide rim, #27 throat, and Warburton #6D backbore for lead playing

Custom made Curry top of my design with semi-V-shaped cup and slightly larger diameter, wide rim, and #27 throat, adapted from a prior generation mouthpiece, with a #6E backbore for jazz playing

On flugelhorn, I play a smaller diameter, custom Warburton piece for big band or other playing with frequent doubling, and their standard 5FL for solo playing, specially altered to fit my 1525

All of my mouthpieces are gold plated, as I play with a wet set and prefer the slippery characteristics of gold


For gigs that require my full arsenal, I use a Raw Brass 300 series case, fitted in the 312 configuration. This case is the real deal - so much so that I would check it on an airplane with no worries. Well, other than the TSA people...

For trumpet-only commercial gigs, I've recently retired my Reunion Blues single bag (which practically looks new after 15 years) in favor of a black leather, Torpedo Loredo case. Although it's a little bit on the large/heavy side, I don't think there's anything out there that would protect your horn more. As in, several flights of stairs would not pose a problem.


For writing music, although the equipment I prefer most includes my right hand, blank 10-staff paper, and my trusty #1 pencils + electric sharpener, I am now using Finale notation software for most any situation. Although I still struggle with it being an obstacle to the creative process, the sheer editing power (plus portability with a laptop) has become undeniable. Thus, I forced myself to adapt my work habits, and eventually broke through the barrier.


FINALLY, for recording, I use a B.L.U.E. Baby Bottle large diaphragm condenser microphone whenever possible, as it has provided the most accurate reproduction of my sound despite its relatively modest price. Mics costing several times more have equaled it, but haven't provided significantly better results.

I use several different software platforms, but still do the majority of my multi-track recording and sequencing in Digidesign's ProTools on an OS 9 PowerMac G4. More recently, I have begun using an E-MU 1212M on my Dell Inspiron 530 with Reaper DAW software.

For quick, portable live recording, I use an Edirol R-09.