My name is Jason Covey, and I am a jazz and lead trumpet player, composer, arranger, and recording engineer in the Atlanta, GA area. Thank you for visiting my website. My purpose in putting this site together is to provide an overview of my career in the music business.

For me, the music business has encompassed a number of areas. First, and perhaps foremost, is my trumpet playing. Over the past 21 years, I have had the opportunity to perform across the United States in almost any conceivable situation that involved a trumpet. From the increasingly rare format of the big band, to horn sections of all sizes, jazz combos, small brass ensembles, classical and jazz duos, and solo performances, and recording sessions, I've pretty much done it all.

In fact, in working hard to develop the skills to competently cover most any situation, I inadvertently found a niche for myself in the trumpet world. Specifically, my ability to play jazz in addition to lead trumpet has resulted in a wealth of playing opportunities, particularly in the format that is now the reality of most commercial horn players - the mixed horn section. As you navigate around my site, you'll find numerous examples of both types of playing.

In addition to my horn playing, my other skills (equal to or better than playing the trumpet, in my opinion) lie in the area of jazz and commercial composition and arranging. After a late start, over the last decade, I have written dozens of charts in a variety of styles and musical settings. Many of these were written for groups in which I was also performing. Although the trumpet has been a constant in my musical career, it has been the pursuit of composition and arranging that has been both the most interesting and musically satisfying.

Although I'm not interested in dropping names, I have been fortunate enough, through both educational and professional engagements, to perform with a number of jazz luminaries as well as other amazing, but lesser known musicians. These experiences have all had a profound impact on me, and, along with my perpetual analysis of recorded music, have shaped me as a musician. Although I'm of the belief than a musician must ultimately be their own teacher, I have been fortunate enough to benefit from the knowledge and advice of a number of amazing musicians and music educators.

At the present time, I am consciously shifting my focus away from commercial music with the intention of pursuing more artistic interests. Although I intend to further develop my abilities as a trumpet player, I am particularly interested in expanding my efforts as a composer and arranger. With financial gain minimized as an underlying factor, I hope to further develop my skills as a composer and arranger.

Beginning in 2012, this has taken the shape of pursuing my long-standing goal of creating an entire recording of my original compositions and arrangements for big band. Along with the help of some of Atlanta's most talented musicians, I am slowly turning this dream into a reality.

Thanks again for stopping by my site. Please take some time to explore the content that I've posted, which I hope to expand over time.

Finally, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments or wish to inquire about any of my services.